ALECOP`s I+D+i activity it is developed taking into account projects in which some multidisciplinary groups made up depending the necessity of the project and those groups develop the tasks about some quality rules of our management system.

Now, and as a example some projects will be showed, the ones that have been the most significant ones made by ALECOP in the last years.


El Project called CARMA it is based on the unfurling of an innovative strategy of the technical training of the Armed Forces, supported in the use of the simulation technology about augmented and virtual reality that will articulate the inherent contextual interaction to the operation and maintenance of the process of the systems and military equipment.

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This formative space is one of the multiple emanated results of 3 initiatives supported in 2010, 2011 and 2012 calls by the Innovation and Society Department of the Knowledge, called nowadays as Innovation Department, Rural and Tourism Development of the Guipuzcoa County Council in the programmes framework for the Promotion of Guipuzcoa as Learning Territory and Entrepeneur Society.

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The project Future Interactive Learning Systems, FILSys, is based on the design and the development of an innovative “Interface of the Interactive Environment” able to create a new active and cooperative tool to improve considerably the process of teaching/learning based on a philosophy centered on the student.

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IKNOWare project presents a strong social component,  having as aim the last improvement of the interaction person computer and  the information search.

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Training ubiquitous (somewhere) and persuasive (omnipresent) system for the maintenance technician that will help to the technician through an augmented reality system, in the location and orientation of the operations screening by the machine in the correct form, a three-dimensional reconstruction of its structures and internal pieces. That way, the technician will know when doing the operations where exactly is the piece that needs to be controled and how make the movements.

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SIRV@C project, aids the investigation, development and aplication of the last virtual reality technology and interactive multimedia contents together with Internet technology and the new 3D Internet.

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To generate an advanced application based on web services to support the internationalisation of the SME in light of the expansion requirement of innovative activities for the furute.

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3D tutor consits on the Design, Development and Implementation of a Tutoring and Virtual Assistance and 3D Intelligence System interoperable with multiple platforms and systems, that will articulate the motivational processes of the Cognitive Development of people in a Virtual, Inmersive and Personalized way.

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