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ADA 306 Automotive multiplexed CAN-LIN buses

Equipment for conceptual study of the data networks and multiplexing in the car


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Ref.: 9EQ306AA6C – 230 V

Ref.: 9EQ306AA3C – 115 V

The objective of this equipment is to familiarise the student with data and multiplex networks. The information is transmitted by means of two buses: CAN (Controller Area Network, ISO 11898- 3 or ISO 11519-2 specifi cation) and LIN (Local Interconnect Network).

The equipment allows the operation of the two buses implemented in real mode and in slow mode to be analysed. This latter mode allows analysis how the series data transmission, employed in all multiplexed buses, operates in a simple and very didactic way. In the real mode the two buses operate at real speed (125 Kbits/sec for the CAN and 19.200 bits/sec for the LIN) whilst the slow mode can operate at 1 bits/sec or at 5 bits/sec. while makes it easy to analyse the data which has been sent.

Technical specifications

  • Implementation of multiplexed comfort bus with CAN ISO 11898-3 line which is tolerant to faults at 125 Kbits/sec.
  • Implementation of switch and electric window control in the vehicle doors with LIN bus at 19200 bits/sec.
  • Test points in the different lines of the buses.
  • Possibility of generating dysfunctions in the different buses:
    • Short circuits to battery and to earth.
    • Short circuits between the lines.
    • Cuts in the lines.
    • Simulation of faults in the control units.
  • Real or slow operation selection switch. It allows analysis of operation with an oscilloscope (real operation) or using a multimeter (slow operation).
  • In slow mode, display of the different frames which are circulating in the buses on alphanumerical displays in hexadecimal notation.
  • Possibility of CAN communication using optical fibre. It substitutes the conventional wiring with optical fibre in the CANH or CANL lines.
  • Measurements: 446 x 270 x 100 mm.

Skills to be developed

  • Analysis of multiplexed systems.
  • Handling instrumentation for checking and diagnosis.
  • Running diagnostics and repairing faults in multiplexed systems.

Equipment composition

  • ADA306 Panel.
  • User’s manual.
  • Manual of practical activities.
  • ACCFI306ZX: accessory to transmit data by optical fibre.
  • Accessories store.

Contents to be studied

  • Binary logic.
  • Numerical systems (Binary, hexadecimal).
  • Transmission of information in series.
  • Layouts of data networks (Multi-Master, Master-Slave).
  • CAN Bus (Transmission of differential data, voltage levels, frames, fault tolerance, etc.).
  • LIN Bus (Transmission of differential data, voltage levels, LIN frames, etc.).
  • Transmission of data by optical fibre.
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