NEW Alecop ADA-308 Electric Vehicle Trainer

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NEW Alecop ADA-308 Electric Vehicle Trainer

Electric Vehicles: a trend and a reality.

Every day we hear about global warming, sustainability, ecology, green energy, zero emissions etc. These concepts are getting ever more important and affect all different industries, in particular the Automotive industry. Car manufacturers are making enormous investments to develop new technologies that minimise their impact on the environment by reducing emissions and to meet new international regulations. One of the most important technologies that we see nowadays on our streets is the introduction of Electric Vehicles.

The manufacture of Electric Vehicles is a challenge for the different companies but equally challenging is their routine maintenance and repair. It is a challenge, not only for current professionals who are used to working with traditional technologies and need to develop new skills and understand new technology, but also for the next generation of highly skilled technicians, who with the help of their teachers, should enter the labour market with this knowledge.

Alecop, faithful to its objectives, has developed the new Electric Vehicle Trainer ADA-308 that introduces teachers and students to this emerging technology.

ADA-308 Electric Vehicle Trainer

The ADA-308 trainer has been designed for studying the electric vehicle technology and main parts currently used in electric vehicles as well as the behaviour depending on the route and type of driving.

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