ALECOP launches pioneering course in psychodrama for adult educators.

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ALECOP launches pioneering course in psychodrama for adult educators.

Mondragón Cooperativa successfully completed the first pilot of the State aimed at improving the management of the group in the classroom through the psychodrama; this is a group therapy that combines techniques of dramatic arts, which received 13 participants of the CAV.

“I have perceived a change in the classroom, probably because of my own change during this course,” says one of the participants in the pilot of Psychodrama session for adult educators that took place during the months of March and June in Cooperativa Alecop.

The course is part of the project PaTiE (Psychodrama as a Tool in Education), a project the Gipuzkoan Company belongs to since 2013. In addition to that, it has been funded by the European Union in order to design the first psychodrama materials adapted to enhance the capabilities of teachers.

Thus, the materials developed by educational institutions from Italy, Greece, Poland and Spain, aimed at empowering teachers in conflict management, communication and facilitation of learning, creating an atmosphere of trust in the group or management of heterogeneous classrooms, among other skills.

The skills that the course is oriented were requested by adult educators themselves through a survey developed in all participating countries among teachers of adults to a better understanding of their needs.

The course, however, seems to have exceeded the initial expectations and the participants have expressed their satisfaction with the techniques learned, as observed in the final anonymous evaluations, which emphasized the personal and professional learning; the possibility of making the learning process of techniques as a group; in the high experiential component of the course or in the excellence of the organizers. “I think it should be included in the formal training for educators,” declared one of the participants.

The pilot project consisted of eight sessions, all financed by the project, about eight hours each during which all subjects designed for the course were covered: Introduction to Psychodrama; Warm-up or heating group; The Power of Group role Play, Conflict Resolution, Working with symbols, Mapping Groups and Share or putting in common. After this pilot, Alecop is now improving materials, according to the suggestions received from the participants, and finishing the design of the course to impart it again next year among educators concerned.

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