Step-by-step motor card DIG-805


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It is increasingly common to find step-by-step motors in industrial products, whether as a result of their affordability, reliability – they have greatly improved as regards both features and variety of choice – or simplicity of operation and control. These motors are used in robotics and positioning systems, for example, or in small computer disk drives.

Alecop has developed the DIG-805 card for study and analysis of the characteristics of these motors.

Controls and characteristics

The card functions with an independent external power source with a 0 and +5V output, or it can be powered from the Alecop DIG-800 Panel, as this panel already has 2 mm socket type outputs.

Speed control Half step/full step
Change of rotation sense Zero search
Internal or external control (automaton) Continuous or pulse control
Resolution 0,45º Pins for signal capture by oscilloscope
Binary or BCD pulse counter from external control


In addition to the equipment, a CD user manual for the training device is delivered with the unit.

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Download Catalogue

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Download .PDF Catalogue