Circuit analysis, simulation and design software

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Circuit analysis, simulation and design software

Electronic simulation-design software TINA PLUS

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Tina is a design and simulation program for analogue,
digital and programmable (VHDL) electronic circuits,
MCU micro controllers and PCB printed circuit design.
It also allows programmed inclusion of failures in
components, to facilitate the electronic circuit analysis
and diagnosis stage. It includes a manual in English.



• Passive components: resistors, coils, potentiometers, capacitors, diodes, etc.
• Active components: transistors, thyristors, triacs, diacs, operational amplifiers, etc.
• Sources: current sources, voltage sources, current and voltage generators, controlled sources, digital pulse sources, digital clock, etc.
• Ports: AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR.
• Scales: D, RS, JK, etc.


• Voltmeters, ammeters, watt meter.
• Impedance meter.
• Digital multimeter.
• Function generator.
• Storage oscilloscope.
• Signal analyser.
• Digital signal generator.
• Logic analyser.


Analysis of digital circuits with VHDL simulation and with PIC micro controllers

TINA includes a powerful VHDL simulation motor. With TINA, any digital circuit
can be automatically converted to VHDL code and analysed as a VHDL design.
A wide variety of hardware available in VHDL can also be analysed and its own
components defined in VHDL. Once these are defined, they can automatically
take on the form of programmable logic devices such as FPGA or CPLD.

PCB design (option only available on DESIGN-SUITE version)

TINA includes all the necessary tools for advanced PCB
design, including automatic placement and routing,
“follow me” and manual trace placement, DRC (Design
Rule Check), forward and back annotation, pin and gate
swapping, keep-in and keep-out areas, thermal relief,
fanout function, plane layers, Gerber file output, etc.

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