ANG-800 console: Analog Electricity and Electronics

ANG-800 console: Analog Electricity and Electronics


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Ref.: PANANG806X (220V 50/60Hz)

Training device for studying basic analog electronics circuits. It consists of a base module into which ready-mounted circuits can be fitted for analysis and on which activities can be carried out on a protoboard.


  • Power source +/-15 volts dc 0.5A
  • Transformer with centre tapping 12-0-12 volts ac 0.3A
  • Two variable voltage sources +/-10 volts dc 0.1A
  • One AC voltage source with variable amplitude (0 – 10 volts) and frequency (1Hz – 100KHz)
  • Protoboard
  • Storage drawer with connectors, accessories and electronic components.
  • CD with: User Manual, Practical Manual and information about the main electronic components used on the device.

There are 2 optional sets of circuit boards with preconstructed circuits:

Set A: DC and AC circuits: (4 boards)


1. DC fundamentals and networks theorems I

  • Basic DC circuit.
  • OHM Law.
  • Series circuit.
  • Parallel circuit.
  • Kirchoff’s voltage law.
  • Kirchoff’s current law.
  • Kirchoff’s law combined.
  • Thevenin circuits.
  • Kirchoff with 2 sources.
  • Superposition theorem.

2. DC fundamentals and networks theorems II

  • Thevenizing a bridge circuit.
  • Delta to star conversion.
  • Charge and discharge of capacitors.
  • Capacitors connected in parallel and series.
  • Resolution of a DC circuit with capacitors.

3. AC Circuits I

  • Sinusoidal waveform, AC values.
  • Purely resistive AC circuit.
  • Purely capacitive AC circuit.
  • Purely inductive AC circuit.
  • RC series AC circuits.
  • RL series AC circuits.

4. AC Circuits II

  • RLC series circuit.
  • RLC series resonance.
  • RC parallel circuit.
  • RL parallel circuit.
  • RLC parallel circuit.
  • RLC parallel resonance.
  • Low pass filter.
  • High pass filter.

Set B: Introduction to Analog Electronics: (3 boards)


1. ANG-801 Fundamentals of electronic power suppies

  •  Single phase half wave rectifier.
  • Single phase full wave rectifier with intermediate centre tap.
  • Single phase full wave bridge rectifier.
  • Filtering.
  • Parallel stabilizer.
  • Serial stabilizer.
  • Stabilized adjustable power supply.

2. ANG-802 The transistor as an amplifier

  • Polarization of the bipolar transistor.
  •  A Class power amplifier.
  • AB Class power amplifier.
  • The switching transistor.
  • Astable multivibrator.
  • Monostable multivibrator.
  • Bistable multivibrator.

3. ANG-803 Operational amplifiers

  •  Comparator without feedback.
  • Variable gain inverting amplifier.
  • Non inverting amplifier.
  • Inverting amplifier.
  • Subtractor.
  • Power amplifier.
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