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Tabletop teaching frame

An upright structure used to hold dice, modules and panels for demonstration purposes.

It provides a ±15 V supply from the ALI-700 module to any other module that so requires.

Set of connection teaching dice

They provide a graphic portrayal of the circuit and simplify the wiring arrangement. The set includes dice for open connection, lines, angles, crossovers… Recommended for demonstration purposes.

Set of educational circuit analysis block

These are electrical elements fi tted onto a block framework which provides an easy way for the analysis and the rapid and reliable construction of D.C. and A.C. currents. The blocks give a visual access to the component/circuit, incorporating electrical contacts, standard silk-screening and identifi cation labels.

The teaching dice system

A modular arrangement that allows the design and analysis of circuits as per the user’s needs. The dice are mounted onto a circuit board, which is also modular and has unlimited possibilities for working horizontally or vertically.

The entire system can be fi tted on the tabletop frame, permitting combined assemblies involving fully compatible modules and panels. They are also suitable for demonstration purposes.

The design of the dice ensures the system is extremely versatile: they are ergonomic, stackable and made of strong shockproof material. Their transparent base protects the component or circuit, whilst providing a clear view of the inside.

Further highlights:

  • It has a side conductor panel that transmits the current to the adjacent dice, avoiding the need for multiple wiring.
  • It includes a recess for the attachment of labels (included) with the name of the component or circuit in several languages.
  • The connection is made through extremely robust 2 mm eye bolts.
  • The component’s symbol is printed on the upper part of the dice in accordance with European regulations and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).


1 no. 208 block: 1-component frame 1 no. 255 block: 2200 uF Condenser
1 no. 211 block: switch  1 no. 256 block: 4700 uF Condenser
1 no. 213 block: 1 circuit/2 position Commutator 4 no. 270 block: 1N4007 diode
1 no. 222 block: 1 ohm / 4 W Resistance 1 no. 273 block: BZY97C10V Zener diode
2 no. 223 blocks: 10 ohm / 4 W Resistance 4 no. 310 blocks: 1,5 V battery holder
1 no. 224 block: 47 ohm / 4 W Resistance 2 no. 313 blocks: small bulb holder
2 no. 225 blocks: 100 ohm / 4 W Resistance 1 no. 370 block: 8 H / 0.05 amp inductance
1 no. 226 block: 470 ohm / 2 W Resistance 1 no. 371 block: inductance with ferrite core
 2 no. 227 blocks: 1 Kohm / 1 W Resistance 2 no. 372 blocks: 100 mH inductance
1 no. 243 block: 220 pF Condenser 1 no. 380 block: Constantan wire (CuNi)
1 no. 244 block: 1 nF Condenser 1 no. 381 block: Chrome-nickel wire (CrNi)
1 no. 245 block: 10 nF Condenser 1 no. 382 block: Copper wire
1 no. 247 block: 100 nF Condenser 1 no. 362 block: Battery
1 no. 249 block: 1 uF / 63 V Condenser 1 no. 394 block: Voltage supply
1 no. 252 block: 100 uF Condenser 1 no. 395 block: Current supply
2 no. 253 blocks: 470 uF Condenser 1 no. 314 block: Large bulb socket
1 no. 254 block: 1000 uF Condenser

Included standard accessories:

  • Base plates for creating circuits.
  • Batteries and light bulbs.
  • Lighter.
  • Connectors.
  • Storage boxes.

Recommended optional elements:

  • Tabletop frame.

NECESSARY instrumentation:

  •  Oscilloscope.
  • Voltmeter and ammeter (or multimeter).

Recommended optional elements:

  • Desktop frame.
  • Power module ALI-700 source of + 15 V.
  • DRV-120 Educational unit: power driver.
  • MIM-700 Educational unit: magnetic induction measurer.
  • Function generator.
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Download Catalogue

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Download .PDF Catalogue