Electrostatics and electromagnetism

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Electrostatics and electromagnetism


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For the study of this area Alecop offers the following range of products:

Didactic electrostatics kit KEL-120

Ref.: KEL-120

Carrier case for analysing electrostatic phenomena, which contains the following items:

  •  A cat-skin cloth
  • A cork ball frame
  • A PVC stick
  • A perspex stick

Included standard accessories:

  • User’s manual

Recommended Optional Accessories:

  • Coulombimeter COL-120.

Didactic electrical field kit KCE-120

 Ref.: KCE-120

This consists of a set of elements which are assembled by the user on a perspex base, which enable the force of a charge on an electric fi eld, the principle of the workings of the condenser, etc., to be analysed. The phenomena can be observed on a screen with the aid of an over-head projector.

The elements included in the briefcase are:

  • A base plate
  •  2 specific charge parts
  • 2 straight condenser parts
  • 1 cup part
  • 1 jar of semolina
  • 2 wires
  • 1 steel ball

Standard accessories included:

  • User’s manual

NECESSARY accessories:

  • FAT-120 high voltage source

Didactic magnetic field kit KCM-120

 Ref.: KMC-120

This is a set of elements which, once they have been assembled on a perspex base, allow the force lines of a magnetic fi eld generated by different types of conductor elements to be analysed. The resulting phenomena can be visualised on a screen with the aid of an over-head projector. The various parts supplied with the briefcase include:
  • A magnet base plate
  • A plain base
  • A straight-line current wire base
  • A spire plate
  • A coil plate
  • 4 20 x 40 mm magnets
  • 4 pieces of iron, 20 x 40 mm
  • 4 pieces of aluminium, 20 x 40 mm
  • 4 pieces of plastic, 20 x 40 mm
  • 1 jar of iron fi lings
  • 6 magnetised needles
  • 1 magnetised needle with frame

Included standard accessories:

  • User’s manual

NECESSARY accessories:

  • FAC-120 high voltage source

High voltage source for teaching purposes FAT-120

Ref.: FAT-120

A high voltage source that is fully protected to ensure user safety. It provides a direct voltage of up to 7500 V that can be regulated by means of a potentiometer control, with a maximum current of 100 μA.

It has a digital display with a voltage reading. The power supply is 110-230 V / 50-60 Hz depending on the model.

Standard accessories included:

  • User’s manual

Didactic high current supply FAC-120

 Ref.: FAC-120

A source of high current set into a panel which can be placed on a frame or on a tabletop. It provides a current of up to 100 amp A.C. in the founder. Direct and alternating output, via separate sockets. A potentiometer allows you to vary the current. It has a visual display and special connectors for connecting different types of metal wires (for the analysis of heating, melting, etc).

Standard accessories included:

  • User’s manual.
  • Conductor materials: copper, nichrome and constantan.
  • Fuses.
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