Three-phase generator GTT-120

Three-phase generator GTT-120


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This panel, which is mounted either on the frame or tabletop, incorporates a low voltage variable frequency three-phase generator with a single-phase mains supply of 110-230 V / 50-60 Hz (depending on the module).

It has the following specifi cations:

  • Phase-neutral voltage: 0-22 V variable strength adjusted by a potentiometer control.
  • Phase-Phase: 0-38 V strength.
  • Maximum current per phase: 5 A.
  • Protection against current surges and short circuits.
  • Frequency variation: 1-100 Hz in two scales and potentiometer control.
  • Instant value output from the three-phase network, variable between 0-360º.
  • 3 simultaneously variable 0-30 V / 5 A DC outputs.
  • Option of independent control of the value of the amplitude and frequency.
  • User’s manual.
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