Three-phase systems

Three-phase systems


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For the study of this area Alecop offers the following range of products:

RNC-120 training module

Uncontrolled single-three-phase rectifi cation

There is a series of rectifi er bridges incorporated onto a 6 power diode base (10A/600W) which are interconnectable and individually insulated against over voltage.

With the use of set of templates and connectors, it is possible to select and confi gure the various types of rectifi er bridges which are under analysis:

  • RNC-121 Template: medium wave single phase rectifier
  • RNC-122 Template: single phase bridge rectifier.
  • RNC-123 Template: medium wave two-phase rectifier.
  • RNC-124 Template: medium wave three phase rectifier.
  • RNC-125 Template: three phase bridge rectifier.

The unit is designed to work on both standard as well as low voltage (22/38). There are high security 4mm bushes and 2m bushes provided for this, which also allow you to be able to measure the voltages and the currents of the circuits.

The unit s supply inputs are protected by 10A ultra-rapid fuses.

Included standard accessories:

  • User’s manual.
  • Connection bridges.

NECESSARY accessories:

  • TRI-120 teaching module: three-phase transformer (for low voltage operation, if required).

BAT-120 training module

Battery module

Modular item for simulating a back electromotive force, consisting of a 12 V, 6.5 Ah battery. The battery is charged internally by connecting the module to the power supply (110-230 V / 50-60 Hz depending on the module) and turning on the light switch. Safety bushings included.

Included standard accessories:

  • User’s manual

CIR-120 training module

Resistive-inductive charge

This a triple unit with three groups of R-L charges. Each group is composed of a 150mH/1A inductance and a 33 ohm/35W resistance in series with a rheostat of the same value. There is protection against over current measured at 1A for each group. The maximum charge applicable is 50Vef.

Using a different multi-template and jumpers, you can select the type of connection charges and the desired work. The use of cables in the assembly is minimal.

The template collection includes:

  •  CIR-121 Template: Charge R free connection.
  • CIR-122 Template: Charge L free connection.
  • CIR-123 Template: Charge R-L free series connection.
  • CIR-124 Template: Charge R-L free parallel connection.
  • CIR-125 Template: Charge R triangle connection.
  • CIR-126 Template: Charge L triangle connection.
  • CIR-127 Template: Charge R-L triangle series connection.
  • CIR-128 template: parallel RL load delta connection.
  • CIR-129 template: Charging R star connection.
  • CIR-130 template: Cargo L star connection
  • CIR-131 template: Load RL series star connection

Included standard accessories:

  • User’s manual.
  • Connection bridges.

NECESSARY accessories:

  • TRI-120 teaching module: three-phase transformer.

CRC-120 training module

Capacitive charge

This a triple modular frame which incorporates a series of condensers grouped electrically into three groups: C1, C2, and C3. By means of a set of templates (3) and connectors (no more than three), it is possible to confi gure:

  • CRC-121 Template: Free connection.
  • CRC-122 Template: Star connection.
  • CRC-123 Template: Triangle connection.

Each group of condensers can adopt capacities of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and/or 100(F which can be selected by means of a change-over switch. The maximum working voltage of each group is 63V.

Included standard accessories:

  • User’s manual.
  • Connection bridges.

Recommended Optional Accessories:

  • Instrumentation: voltmeter, ammeter, phase meter, …

NECESSARY accessories:

  • TRI-120 teaching module: three-phase transformer.
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