KTM-120 Training module

Didactic single-phase transformer kit

A kit for assembling and studying different types of single phase transformers. It enables you to analyse the principles of electromagnetism: the functioning of a relay, of a bell, …

It consists of a triple unit for a assembly base and a briefcase which contains the various construction elements such as:

  • A U nucleus
  • An I nucleus with an air gap variation control
  • 2 x 500-spire coils
  • 2 x 250-spire coils
  • 2 x 100-spire pendulum coils
  • Pendulum sheet (relay, bell, etc.)
  • Bell ringer
  • 2 frames (relay contact)
  • Pendulum arm (Foucault)
  • Magnets
  • Various parts (pieces of iron, aluminium, etc.)

Standard accessories included:

  • User manual.

TRI-120 Training module

Three-phase transformer 230/400-22/38V

This is a three-phase transformer which, depending on the model (TRI-122 or TRI-123), has a transformation ratio of either 220V to 22/38V or 380V to 22V-38V, with an apparent power of 300 VA.

The output voltage is 22V between phases (12.7V neutral phase) and 4 Amperes or 38V between phases (22V neutral phase) and 3.75 Amperes which can be selected by means of a commutator on the front template.

The output is by both 4mm and 2mm bushes and they are protected against overcurrent and shortcircuit with a light indicator per phase. They are thermally insulated with resetting being produced automatically after the protective elements have been cold for a period of time.

The frontal light display shows the order of phases (L1-L2-L3 or L1-L3-L2).

The transformer primary is protected by 2A fuses with a light indication if any should blow (pilot light out).

Standard accessories included:

  • User manual.

AUT-120 Training module

Single-phase autotransformer

Single-phase autotransformer with 230 V / 50-60 Hz input voltage and variable output adjusted by a potentiometer control.

  • Maximum output voltage: 250 V
  • Maximum output load: 1 A
  • Protection: 1 A fuse
  • Safety bushings

Standard accessories included:

  • User manual

ETT-120 Training module

Three-phase transformer study

Equipment for analysing the different types of connections on three-phase transformers.

It is composed of an ETT-120 three-phase transformer multitemplate unit and a set of 12 templates.

The unit incorporates three single phase transformers, each of which has two secondaries of an identical transformation ratio (0.5/1). The nominal voltage for the primary windings is 22v and 11V for the secondary ones.

By means of the templates (12), and connectors (never more than 9), the following three-phase transformer confi gurations may be obtained:

  • T-E-1 Template: Triangle-Startime phase difference 1
  • T-E-5 Template: Triangle-Startime phase difference 5
  • T-E-11 Template: Triangle-Startime phase difference 11
  • T-2E Template: Triangle-Double Star
  • T-T-0 Template: Triangle-Triangle-time phase difference 0
  • T-Z-0 Template: Triangle-Zig/Zag-time phase difference 0
  • E-E-0 Template: Star-Star- time phase difference 0
  • E-E-6 Template: Star-Star- time phase difference 6
  • E-T-5 Template: Star-Triangletime phase difference 5
  • E-T-11 Template: Star- Triangletime phase difference 11
  • E-Z-5 Template: Star-Zig-Zagtime phase difference 5
  • E-Z-11 Template: Star-Zig-Zagtime phase difference 11

The input/output terminals are printed on all the labels. Each one of the six secondary windings is fi tted with a thermal protection circuit with a light indicator, set at 0.65 A.

Required accessories:

  • TRI-120 three phase transformer didactic module.
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