Electrical machines

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Electrical machines

Educational resources for the study of electrical, static and rotary machines. Ranging from the operating principles to the construction of automatic devices and the maintenance operations of the machines.


Each resource has a set of supporting documents to facilitate the teacher’s work:

– User Manual: contains instructions for the implementation and operation of equipment, its technical features and information about precautions to be taken into account for proper operation.

– Workbook: Defines the objectives, sequence of implementation and an answer key for each of the practice sessions.


The equipment allows a modular configuration according to the available equipment and the training needs of the user.


The resources presented in this catalogue have been designed to meet European directives on the safety of machinery, low voltage and electromagnetic compatibility.


The scalability of the teaching resources and the potential for use in the classroom, allows a considerable reduction in the investment to be made for a specific program of electrical machines.

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Download Catalogue

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Download .PDF Catalogue