Basic kit of rotary electric machines KMQ-100

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Basic kit of rotary electric machines KMQ-100


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Although it has fewer options than the full kit, it may be a valid option, depending on the nature of the practical activities to be held. Basically, the differences are as follows:

The assembly panel is smaller and can only be placed on the tabletop. It does not include the drive motor, tachometer, power source or connexions area neither. In this way, the result is a compact assembly panel.

The set of machinery construction, which is more reduced, fi ts in a suitcase that contains the following:

  • 6 Windings of 250 turns
  • 2 Windings of 1400 turns
  • 1 Twelve-pole rotor
  • 1 Squirrel cage rotor
  • 1 Brush holder
  • 5 Brushes
  • 2 Wide fi eld poles
  • 6 Narrow fi eld poles
  • 1 assembly support base
  • 1 assembly shaft

Included standard accessories:

  • Practical and user’s manual
  • Connexion wires.

Necessary accessories (not included):

  • Three-phase generator GTT-120, or as an alternative: Three-phase transformer TRI-120 + power supply 0-15 Vcc/5 A
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