Kit of rotary electric machines KMQ-120

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Kit of rotary electric machines KMQ-120


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This equipment is meant for the study of the constituent parts and fundamentals of the functioning of the most common rotary electric machines. In an easy way and with a reduced amount of parts, the following types of machines can be studied:

  •  Independent excitation generator
  • DC serial generator
  • DC shunt generator
  • Independent excitation motor
  • DC serial motor
  • DC shunt motor
  • Three-phase asynchronous alternator
  • Three-phase synchronous motor
  • Single-phase motor
  • Universal motor
  • Single-phase induction motor
  • Repulsion motor
  • Wound-rotor three-phase motor
  • Squirrel cage three-phase motor
  • Dahlander motor

This equipment consists in:


It includes a series of parts (rotors, brush holders, windings, polar parts, etc), which allow confi guring different rotary machines on a panel in a fast and easy way. The parts are the following:

  • 1 Two-pole rotor
  • 1 Three-pole rotor
  • 1 Twelve-pole rotor
  • 1 Squirrel cage rotor
  • 1 Shaft
  • 6 Narrow fi eld poles
  • 3 Wide fi eld poles
  • 6 Windings of 240 turns
  • 4 Windings of 1400 turns
  • 5 Brushes
  • 1 Brush holder
  • 6 Light poles
  • 1 Drive motor with belts
  • Tools and screws


this can be placed on the work surface or on a vertical frame. The support disc is attached to the panel, being used for screwing on the various fi eld poles. The shaft protrudes from the centre of the disc and this is where the different rotors are attached.

An area has been set aside on the upper left-hand corner of the panel for the attachment of a drive motor that will allow experiments to be conducted with generators or provide a braking torque for the motors.

The right-hand side of the panel has the area for electric connections, using interchangeable labels. These allow the quick and clear interconnection of the various windings on the rotary machine subject to the experiment, providing the necessary information for its assembly. The areas the label is subdivided into make it easy to distinguish the electric connections both inside and outside the machine (connection board), without losing the perspective of a real machine.

The panel includes a 0-10 Vcc/2 A adjustable power supply for the excitation of the machines, as well as a tachometer for measuring the motor’s velocity during the different types of tests.

Power supply

The machines built are powered by a low voltage supply – 22/38 V AC/DC -, which ensures the students’ safety. Hence, there are available (depending on choice) a TRI-120 transformer or a GTT-120 three-phase generator.

Included standard accessories

  • Practical and user’s manual
  • Connexion wires

Necessary accessories (not included)

  •  Three-phase generator GTT-120, or as an alternative:
  • Three-phase transformer TRI-120 + power supply 0-15 Vcc/5 A.
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