CTR-199 Module


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Ref.: MDULCTR199

This module should perform three functions in the system ProLAB.

  • Union between BNC-199 bench and test bench, allowing set values to be applied to the bench and their signals to be read.
  • Two blocks are available to calculate the true efficient values of two signals and the power factor between them.
  • Organizes the analogue inputs and outputs of the SAD450 DIANA as needed by the DIANA software for automatic configuration of the test.

The support comprises a double-size training module: 250 x 144 x 130 mm. The power required for its operation is:

  • ± 15 V, by inserting into the ALECOP support frame.

Includes serigraph identifying the functional blocks and components symbols. Use safety sockets 2 mm in diameter that serve as test points.

Technical specifications

True effective value block – Number of inputs: 2 (Two effective values). ± 10V.
– Number of outputs: 3 (Two effective values 0 to +10V, and an out of phase Cosine ± 10V).
– Bandwidth: >500Hz.
– Accuracy: 1% f.e. (RMS), 2% f.e. (power factor).
BNC-199 connection – Number of active signals: 6.
– Number of outputs (default value): 2 (Torque and speed)
– Number of inputs (measurements): 2 (Torque and speed)
– Number of control signals: 2 (Error and Control)
– 2 mm safety plugs for set point control or testing.
Input-output control – Number of modules to control: 4 + BNC199 Test benches + 2 RMS blocks.
– Number of combinations: 128.
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