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DIANA software can be used with a stand-alone PC, networked or over the Internet. It not only controls the test bench and machines under test but also includes powerful mathematical models which allow the comparison of real world results with simulation. Students can familiarise themselves with experimental procedures before entering the laboratory. A truly comprehensive package Diana’s features include:
· Theory and experimental procedures.
· Configurable mathematical models of DC and AC machines.
· Assembly instructions and graphics for experiment set-up.
· Definition of all experimental parameters.
· Control of all modules and the test bench parameters.
· Realtime display of experimental results.
· Analysis of experimental results; using both real machines and simulation.
· A report generator for the production of post experiment documentation.
When used over a network Diana allows multiple students to interact with one set of hardware reducing costs and providing a scalable environment for studying machines.

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Conducting a test


You can enter a title and description that includes images about the activity.

Definition of the assembly

The user sets the elements that will take part in the test.

It includes the  interconnection and instrumentation os the different elements.

It has a conceptual diagram and a real view of each element.


Setting the duration, the frecuency of the samples and other time parameters is easy.

It helps setting each output signal forma and values (units, signal shape and its timer).

Running the test

Once the definition of the elements is complete, it is the moment of running the test.

The input and output can be monitored during the test.

There are two options for running the test, tu use the simulators or the real test bench ProLAB.

DIANA’s advanced machine simulators offer a very real and accurate result with no need for any hardware.

Analysis of the results

Each test generates a set of signals.

Using DIANA you can view, operate, compare and apply filters to the signals obtaining the values you need to get your conclusions about the results.


A DIANA wizard generates personalised reports on the work carried out with graphic and numerical information.

Classroom application

  • The teacher/student can carry out demonstrations and students can see them on their own screen.
  • Users can work offline when the BEM is busy setting up and simulating tests.
  • Anyone can perform a test of a fixed duration or continuously from their PC on the real ProLAB.
  • The teacher may interrupt a test and block access to the ProLAB.
  • Users can share information through libraries and the network.

Includes a comprehensive library of activities

It is not necessary to start from scratch to set up the tests. DIANA is distributed with a complete library of activities designed and developed by experts, including:

  • Headings.
  • Configuration of items.
  • Definition of the diagram.
  • Results analyzed with comments.

Tests for AC, DC electric machines and transformers.

DIANA is full of content on electrical machines!

Licensing system

DIANA licenses can be hardware or Internet licenses:

  • USB keys
  • Web Licenses
    • Undefined
    • 1 year
    • 4 months
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