FCC-199 Module


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Ref.: MDULFCC199

This an adjustable DC power supply for inductors of alternating and direct current machines.

The support comprises a double-size training module: 250 x 144 x 130 mm.

The power required for its operation is:

  • ± 15 V., by inserting into the ALECOP support frame.
  • Voltage: 190 ÷ 250 V
  • Maximum power: 1 Kw.

Includes serigraph identifying the functional blocks and components symbols.

It uses 2 mm. in diameter safety sockets which serve as testing points and 4 mm safety sockets diameter for the power supply (red).

Technical specifications

The module includes a voltage source whose characteristics are:

Output voltage variation 0 ÷ 310 V.
Output current 0 ÷ 3,3 A.
Types of settings – Interior: with a dial.
– Exterior: Using a DB26 connector with a safety socket of 2mm.
Accuracy 1%.

*It incorporates electronic protection, protecting the module against overloads and short circuits.

Physical measurements

Magnitude display:

  • Magnitudes displayed: output voltage and current. (Switch selectable) in a 3½ digit display.
  • Voltage range / precision: 0 ÷ 310 V c.c. 1% F.E.
  • Current range / Precision: 0 ÷ 3,3 A c.c. < 1% F.E.

Magnitude signal capture:

  • Analogue signals in the DB26 connector: Output voltage and current.
  • Analogue signals in the sockets: output voltage and current.
  • Voltage range / precision: 0 ÷ 350 V c.c. ( 0 ± 10 V ) 1% F.E.
  • Precision current range: 0 ÷ 3,5 A c.c. ( 0 ± 10 V ) 1% F.E
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