SAD450M Module


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Ref.: MDULSAD450

Along with the DIANA software it is part of a test bench governed from a computer which enables tests to be performed on real machines (transformers, DC rotary machines, and AC single and three phase rotary electrical machines. This module requires a desktop chassis with power supply (ALI -700 or ALI-199) for its operation.

It has inputs / output connections in 2 mm sockets to connect quickly with the equipment to be analyzed. In addition to the sockets, all connections are available in a 64-way connector

Along with the SAD-450 a module a cable for a line connection to a PC USB is incorporated. The SAD450 module is divided into 8 blocks or channels, each with a determined I / O type and with different nomenclature based on whether they are inputs or outputs.

Each analogue or digital input channel has a switch to select whether the input comes from the socket (position H) or a 64-way connector (CN). Based on this switch the origin of the signal to be acquired by the data acquisition system will be determined.

The outputs have no switch and will be accessible both from the socket and from the connector at all times.

Technical specifications

Communication via ASCII commands
Consumption +15V – 162mA.
Physical measurements 215x250x147 mm. (WxHxD)
External connections – PC connection: USB wire.
– Power Supply Connector to the frame
– I/O Connector: 64-way connector
Conversion times – 1 channel analogue Fmax 200 Khz.
– Fmax 1 digital channel 333 Khz
60K of RAM for data
8 Analog inputs 12 bits of resolution
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