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Training equipment designed to work according to safety standards with electrical machines that do not incorporate mechanical and/or electric protection devices.

Allows any type of equipment available to be used, either the Alecop brand or any other manufacturer.

If the electrical machines have moving parts or electrical connections available, this bench is the ideal solution for carrying out activities safely, complying with current legislation.

Protection elements incorporated:

Guard with approved safety interlocks

Prevents access to moving parts and electrical connections in the bench. As it is transparent, the inside of the bench can be seen, with the machines electrics and it connections visible.

Side safety terminals

It has two groups of twelve safety terminals, six internal and six external, on either side of the bench. This allows the connection of electrical devices to power sources and/or external control.

Mechanical interlocks

One on each side of the bed, blocking the opening of the guards and in turn giving orders to activate the contactors that connect the interior terminals with the external terminals, leaving the electrical machines in operation.

Auto stop

Disabling either of the two side interlocks the power supply is cut off, causing the shutdown of the electrical machines.

Signal pilot

It includes red indicating bench light connected to the mains, and a green indicator light indicating that the guard is closed and locked.

Equipment composition


Technical specifications

Power supply: 230V-50Hz
Maximum current side terminals: 20 Amperes
Dimensions: 1000x360x400 mm
Package dimensions: 1020x370x415 mm
Weight: 16Kg
Weight with packaging: 18Kg

Possible combinations of electrical machines

The size and the number of side terminals available enable the safety bench to be used with the following combinations of Alecop electrical machines:

  • A single motor running independently.
  • A traction motor and generator unit (dynamo or alternator).
  • A motor and dynamo tachometer unit.
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Download Catalogue

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Download .PDF Catalogue