Industrial CNC training lathe with integrated PC control

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The Hermes lathe with integrated PC and the control program on the machine itself brings the experience of using a PC-controlled industrial machine closer to reality. Its touch screen and the interactive interface simulation on each ensure the sense of working with the real control, in addition to the advantage of using software designed to form part of the teaching/learning process.

Multi CNC

Programming and display of FAGOR, SIEMENS and FANUC simulators.
Includes PC, touchscreen and keyboard.

Características técnicas

Swing diamete 230 mm
Distance between centres 530 mm
Longitudinal Z travel 275 mm
Transversal X travel 96 mm
Spindle motor Asíncrono trifásico de 1,5 Kw
Spindle rotation speed 100-4000 rpm
X,Z axes motors Paso a paso 200 ppv
Quick advance 2500 mm/min
Tool holder turret 8 pos (12 x 12 mm)
Electronic resolution 0,0025 mm
Door opening Manual
Power supply 220 V 50/60 Hz
Installed power 1,9 KW
Dimensions 1350 x 600 x 1540 mm
Approximate weight 330 kg


  • Rectified spindles with double nut, prestressed, IT5 quality
  • Linear guide rails with ball recirculation.
  • 1.8º step motor


  • High precision bearings with 2 rows of angular contact balls
  • Max. torque.: 7Nm a 2000 rpm

Electronic handwheel

FEED Control

Optional accessories

  • Manual 60 mm tail stock travel, CM2 morse taper
  • Cooling system
  • Pneumatic 110 mm diameter chuck
  • Tool holder turret with VDI quick change system
  • Automatic access door operated by pneumatic cylinder (for use in CFF)
  • Tool holders and carbide inserts.
  • Support table for the machine and the PC.
  • Winunisoft editing and simulation software.

Standard configuration

  • Integral casing with built-in safety devices.
  • Manual 125 mm diameter chuck.
  • Conventional tool holder turret
  • Set of user and programming manuals.
  • Control software for PC

WinUnisoft+ multicontrol -CNC PC control software

This software operates the machine with realistic control emulators FAGOR-FANUC-SIEMENS

A license of WinUnisoft+ is already included with each machine.

This software allows to simulate and execute the machining of a CNC program, ISO code edited or defined by CAD/CAM system, analysing possible errors.

Apart from its performance, the excellent graphic quality of the 3D simulator, makes a fast comprenhension possible of the performed machining operations.

The main features of the programme are:

  • Control of machine drives
  • Assited graphic programming for all ISO functions supported by the chosen control emulator.
  • Simulation of different tool geometries.
  • 3D simulaton views of the workpiece, tool, and paths.
  • Program operation in automatic or block to block mode.
  • Collision detection of the tool with the workpiece and the jaw chuck.
  • Report generation.

See all the features in WinUnisoft+ part

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