Numerical control lathe for technical training


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Quality and a commitment to improvement have always been strongholds in our vast experience in offering educational solutions. This allows us to be pioneers in the design of machines and didactic resources that combine the performance of production equipment with the practicality required for training human resources, who are the future protagonists of the production sector.

Torno de bancada inclinada de 2 ejes con CNC industrial, especialmente diseñado para la enseñanza y con unas excelentes características de robustez.

Industrial CNC

Several CNC options adaptable to the machine depending on the needs…

Flexible Configuration

One can choose from a range of options for the machine configuration to meet the needs of each user.

Indexable turret

The VDI disc turret allows working with pre-set tools which is particularly useful when the same machine is used by different groups of students.

Jaw chuck

The pneumatic jaw chuck is essential for integrating the lathe in computer-integrated manufacturing systems (CIM). When we choose this option, the automation device for the opening and closing of the jaw is incorporated simultaneously.

Educational solution

Based on a needs study, this machine was conceived as a way to achieve educational aims which meet the demands for specific professional skill development.

Educational solution

We emphasise the importance of the learning environment and ergonomics, bearing in mind the need to combine individual and group activities. The machine can easily be integrated in different environments by means of complements and accessories:

  • Production set-up classroom.
  • Machining manufacturing classroom-workshop.
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing System (CIM) classroom.


Safety has been taken into account and conceived for students who start the learning process with no or little experience in the operation of machines.

Totally enclosed interlocked sliding guard providing access to mobile zones which cancels unnecessary risks when the machine operation is set to automatic mode.

Transparent high impact guard which avoids propelling of chips and coolant liquid. Restricted access by locking doors to electrical danger zones which have been suitably provided with warning signs.


Compact: Design integrated in one single body, totally mobile in the classroom-workshop.
Robust: Cast iron bed dimensioned with modern tools: CAE with finite elements methods.
Resistant: High cutting capacity suitable for machining steel. Metal protections resistant to swarf and coolant.

Technical characteristics

Material: Steel F1100

Cutting speed: 200 m/min

Feed: 0.15 mm/turn

Depth of pass:1.5 mm

Material: Aluminium alloy COBRAL 11 T3

Cutting speed: 250 m/min

Feed: 0.2 mm/turn

Depth of pass: 2 mm

Swing over bed 230 mm
Distance between centres 530 mm
Longitudinal travel Z 275 mm
Cross travel X 96 mm
Spindle motor Asynchronous three-phase 1.5 Kw
Spindle speed 100 – 4000 rpm
Axes motors C.C. (1.44 Nm)
Rapid traverse rate 5000 mm/min
Station indexable turret (12 x 12 mm)
Electronic resolution 0,001 mm
Mains supply 220 V 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 1470x620x1540 mm
Approximate weight 400 Kg

Electronic handwheel (optional)

Work tools area

Emergency button

Certified electronic devices

Machining manufacturing classroom-workshop

Machining with coolant

Winunisoft CNC Simulator

Coolant tank

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Download Catalogue

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Download .PDF Catalogue