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An industrial machine adapted for training. Ease in implementation, simple programming via touch screen, proportional control on all axes, highly reliable and low maintenance.

Babyplast is the result of over 10 years’ experience in the field of micro-injection. It is specially adapted for training.

  • Very easy programming through menus identifiable by icons.
  • Synoptics, indicating the status of the sensors and actuators in real-time, allowing the monitoring of production.
  • Compact, silent and clean.
  • Easy to maintain: modular conception.

An industrial machine

  • BABYPLAST 610 is a bench press which makes it possible to inject the majority of thermoplastic materials on the market: PP, PA, ABS, PS, PBT, POM, PPS.
  • Totally hydraulic machine with supply unit, pump and deposit built in.
  • Display manometers: injection pressure, mould closing pressure.
  • Microprocessor of the control unit with colour touch screen.
  • USB Connectivity and Ethernet.
  • Five piston sizes for perfect adaptation to planned production.
  • Control of all movements in closed loop by proportional control.
  • It has two programmable outlets for managing cores, air streams, etc.
  • Four heating areas with digital PID regulators.
  • Control of cooling of four areas by flow meter.

An original mould system

  • The housing and plates system is an integral part of the machine.
  • Only the imprint block is interchangeable.
  • The traditional structure of the mould is respected.
  • The advantages of this device are:
    • Reduced cost of moulds.
    • Low production cost.
    • Precision of the parts produced.

Maximum safety

  • Emergency stop using push-button.
  • Protective screen with detectors.
  • Hydraulic safety which blocks any risk of movement when the guard is open.
  • Protection of hot areas.
  • Part recovery box and ramp for purge outlet.
  • CE and CEM certification.

Technical characteristics

Piston diameter (mm) 10 12 14 16 18
Injection pressure (kg/cm) 2650 1830 1340 1030 815
Closing force 62,5 KN
Opening force 4 KN
Opening trave 30 -110 mm
Expulsion Force 7,5 KN
Expulsion travel 45 mm
Hydraulic Pressure 130 bar
Oil tank capacity 16 L
Cycle on empty 2,4”
Installed power 2,95 Kw
Mould thickness 70:135 mm
Memorisation of parameters 100 moulds
Refrigeration open water circuit open water circuit
Refrigeration (optional) closed table-cooling circuit
Weight 125 kg
Dimensions 1100 x 500 x 700 mm
Supply 3 x 380 Vac (3 phases+neutral+earth)
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