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Virtool Machine

Interactive virtual environment for training in the use of tool machines.


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VIRTOOL Machine is a software designed and developed for training in the preparation and use of swarf start up machines, both conventional and CNC.

With VIRTOOL Machine, students can carry out initial training with a virtual machine which will considerably reduce necessary work time when they move on to a real machine and will help them acquire and reinforce the basic concepts for preparation and machining on conventional and CNC machine-tool.

The virtual machines work just like the real machines. Each virtual machine, in 3D, is distributed with practice cases or case studies supported by a full set of theoretical content


The application is based on problem-based learning and enables independent study. Its advanced educational design is a result of
the latest studies conducted in this fi eld and the most up-to-date technology. (PBL Problem Based Learning, Self-Training, Learning by


It makes it possible to work on machines with low availability for an unlimited time.


Reduces the risk of accidents and damage to the equipment during the training process.


Reducing the time needed at machines and allowing a truly effi cient learning process with less need for support from a teacher.


It makes the work in the classroom and workshop more flexible, difficult to achieve when working in classrooms where there are only
real machines.

Working with a VIRTOOL Machine

The practical activity library, distributed with every virtual machine, is divided into case studies. The classification of cases dealt with is very complete and ranges from the identification of tools to the machining of complex parts, covering the handling of CNC controls. With VIRTOOL Machine, the user/student performs the learning activities by solving case studies in a virtual environment.

Users have all the information required for the case studies for each machine:

  • A full description.
  • Back-up materials.
  • Instructions are constantly provided and errors notified, helping students to successfully solve all the case studies.
  • Online reports can be obtained for student assessment by the tutors

Download Software

Click here to download the Virtool software.

Interaction with the machine

It is performed through a series of operations which allow the student to machine complex parts:

  • Select: It allows user to identify elements.
  • Assemble: It allows the user to assemble an element on the machine or on another element shown in the scenario window.
  • Dismantle: It allows the user to dismantle, dismount or release an element from the scenario.
  • Close: It allows the user to tie or fix an element to another on the machine, using a tool if necessary.
  • Open: It allows the user to release or loosen an element on the machine, using the appropriate manual tool.
  • Move: To move the mobile elements sequentially or continuously.
  • Machining.
  • Turn the part.
  • Dimension viewer: Activates a dimension viewer that works like the real thing.
  • CNC: Activates the numerical control simulator for CNC machines. This control is handled and interacts with the machine in the same way as the real control.

Moving in the 3d world or scenario

It is very simple and intuitive. It even includes pre-set displays to resort to if in need of a specific element.

Configure your own classroom

Configure your training classroom according to your needs at any given time. Choose and combine from the different protection methods available:

  • Hardware protection via USB key.
  • Web protection with three models.
    • Temporary 4 month license.
    • Temporary 1 year license.
    • Unlimited license

In this way you can adapt your resources to your requirements at all times and offer your students the possibility to acquire the product for their training period.

Each machine is licensed separately.

VIRUTOR Parallel lathe

With this and the library of case studies it includes, the following is covered:
• Identification of the machine parts.
• Handling of the machine (movement of carriages, spindle movements).
• Identification and assembly of tools and tool holders.
• Types of fastenings, selection and assembly of parts.
• Calculation and establishment of cutting conditions.
• Safety elements.
• Identification and performance of machining processes.
• Execution of machining processes.

Download .PDF Catalogue

Download Catalogue

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Download .PDF Catalogue