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Programming, simulation and control of machines

Learn how to develop your own mechanization projects using the controller of your choice: FAGOR, FANUC and SIEMENS, then complete the job using ALECOP PC machines.


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This software package, which is the leader in its sector, is intuitive, easy to operate and produces excellent results.

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One simulator – Multiple controls – FAGOR-FANUC-SIEMENS

WinUnisoft+ has been designed to train in programming of numerical control units and virtually approaches industrial reality with authentic looking control emulation.

It makes it possible to edit and simulate the CNC programs, and furthermore define tool definitions and other necessary parameters for workpiece machining on a lathe or milling machine.

Optimize your learning-time

 ONE software to effectively learn multiple control types
  • WinUnisoft+ has a very short learning-curve.
  • Your students can be practising with different control emulators and programming in multiple languages in a unique and effective environment.
  • WinUnisoft+ has been conceived to greatly speed-up the learning process.
  • Using industrial control simulators for programming means too much time dedicated to learning how to run each one of them.

Integrated into the process

In the process of teaching and learning it is essential to have tools that allow simulation and adaptation of machining programs prior to their actual execution in help  avoid problems and reduce the time the machines are used.

Through the use of WinUnisoft+ software, learners can:

  • Get to know, understand and master the different programming languages used by the various CNCs.
  • Have a first approach to the use of an industrial control thanks to the realistic emulators.
  • Make modifications to programs generated by CAD/CAM tools.
  • Create their own machining programs.
  • Master the basic concepts of machining.

Simulation and control

WinUnisoft will operate in Simulation mode when working with a PC not connected to a machine and in Control mode when connected to an ALECOP machine.


Project based learning

Unlike industrial simulators, where work only takes place with the machining program, with WinUnisoft+ the exercises are based on what is known as the “Machining project”.

Each exercise is a project and the main goal of the student is to realise the drawing in simulation mode before to mechanizing it.

  • The main interface of WinUnisoft+ is the 3D Simulator.
  • The control emulator can be accessed at anytime.
  • The job can be completed using the didactic resources each project provides.
  • Assistance is provide throughout the programming
  • The finished piece can be measured to check the program and chosen parameters

Save time with ready-to-use projects

Includes lathe and milling machine projects with different training levels.

  • It is very easy to setup your own projects, but WinUnisoft+ comes with a wide library of pieces.
  • Ready to use.
  • Different levels from basic to expert.


Learning by doing

Start controlling the machine using the control of your choice. The main goal is to get the workpiece mechanized.

  • The main interface of WinUnisoft+ the Control Emulator.
  • The 3D simulator can be accessed anytime.
  • Control of the machine is assisted by the user guides and Help in WinUnisoft+.
  • Setup of the machine and tool parameters using the control menus or the Assistants in WinUnisoft+
  • Programs can be written using assisted programming or just loaded from the network or a pendrive.
  • Running the programs will mechanize the workpiece.

The learning becomes meaningful when you are controled with a challenge

Designed for learning

WinUnisoft+ has been specifically designed for use in the teaching and learning process without ignoring the technological contents. The program has been provided with specific features that allow students to acquire knowledge very quickly.

  • Graphic help menu for programming all ISO functions.
  • Adaptation of the software parameters to any tool machine.
  • Definition of different types of workpieces and holding systems.
  • Simulation in various 3D views with representation of the tool and workpiece.
  • Graphic editor of cutting tools with a wide range of predefined shapes.
  • Sectioned display of the work-piece from different angles.
  • Collision detection of the tool and the handle with the part and the jaw chuck.
  • Inspection and measurement of the shape of the part. Detection of basic shapes (arcs, angles,…).
  • Report wizard with email.
  • Control emulators

Learning resources

The software includes all the contents the student will need to learn the basics of CNC machine use and numerical control programming.

  • Programming guides for all the included languages
  • Quickstart guides for using the numerical controls
  • Contents about general mechanical concepts to support the definition of parameters and calculate their value.

Control emulators

WinUnisoft+ has six control emulators that allow the student to learn the real procedures on using CNC machines.

Each emulator has the most characteristic functions to control the machine, and at the same time provides help, if needed, on programming, setting up tools, and setting other mechanizing parameters.

All Alecop’s PC controlled machines include a license of WinUnisoft+ control.

  • Armoni and Apolo work connected to a PC with the software.
  • Atenea and Hermes had the PC integrated with Wincontrol+ already installed and ready to work. The integral touchscreen gives the system a more industrial feeling

CNC flexible classroom

Using the machines and the Winunisoft+ software you can configurate a CNC Classroom with unlimited programming stations.

Using the features of a local network the teacher can share projects created in the machine with WinUnisoft .
The students can use the simulation of WinUnisoft on their PCs to work with the same machine/tools/workpiece configuration and create their own programs.

The composition could include:

  • Programming workstations with WinUnisoft working in simulation mode.
  • PC controlled machines with WinUnisoft working in control mode.
  • Industrial CNC machines.
  • CAD/CAM software.