Assembly and power supply system

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Assembly and power supply system

The assembly frame and the ALI-700 power supply module form the basis of the modular programme and are required for all training module configuration requiring an electronic power supply.

Training Module ALI-700

Ref.: MDULALI700


A supply source of ± 15 V. The power supply is transmitted via the table-mounted frame, and these voltages are also available at 2 mm terminals.

It includes the corresponding pilot LEDs to indicate correct output functioning, providing a nominal current of 2 A. It includes thermal and short-circuit protection, with automatic reset after a few seconds.


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Table-mounted training frame

Ref.: 9EBxPxxCP

  • This is a physical support for the modules, blocks and panels used for the practical activities.
  • It transmits the electrical supply from the power supply modules to all the modules requiring it.

The frame dimensions are selected in accordance with the equipment to be mounted on the frame. Its horizontal structure consists of an  aluminium section and the rectangular side supports are oven-dried painted iron sections.

As regards locating the frame on the work tables, it may be fixed (the frame can be fixed to the tables) or mobile (in which case it is supplied with removable legs with non-slip feet).

The module power supply and fixing systems consist of a series of connectors, into which the connection points located on the rear of the modules are inserted, exerting a slight pressure.

All the frame connectors are interwired in order to share a common voltage, guaranteeing a suitable power supply to the modules installed. The power is supplied via the ALI-700 module.

x: 1,2: frame height in tiers.
xx: 10, 14, 18, 20, 22, 28, 36, 44: nº of insertable single modules.

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