DC/DC and AC/DC converters, choppers and inverters (EP4/EP5)

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DC/DC and AC/DC converters, choppers and inverters (EP4/EP5)

A set of modules that can be configured differently for studying DC/DC and AC/DC converters (inverters or undulators), the various modulation techniques and their different applications such as the regulation and control of DC and AC motors, uninterruptable power systems, etc.

Training module ALI-200 Training module SNG-200
Training module TRF-200 Training module VCO-200
Training module SEG-200 Training module TON-200
Training module RAMA-200 Training module MDX-200
Training module PWM-200

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Power modules

Training module ALI-200

Ref.: MDULALI200


This didactic module contains a power supply of 310 V. continuous voltage, and can provide as far as a 10 A current. This is the constant direct voltage source for supplying the different convertors, and it distributes the mains voltage to the other power modules.

It incorporates 10 A fuses on the alternate and continuous side, protecting the module against line surges and short circuits.

The module disposes of a voltage sampling on the continuous bus; this signal is used as a protection measurement against possible high voltages  on the BUS.

Training module TRF-200

Ref.: MDULTRF200


230/230 VAC transformer isolating the ALI-200 module network. It has primary and secondary protection by means of 10 A fuses.

Training module SEGURIDAD-200

Ref.: MDULSEG200


This is a safety stage that must be included in all converters. It is a centralised protection block that protects the various convertor circuits against bus overvoltage and overloads. It also adapts the control signals to be sent to the RAMA modules of the converter in question in both amplitude and impedance, to act on the transistor base drivers.

Training module RAMA-200

Ref.: MDULRAM200


These modules allow configuring of the power blocks of any type of transistorised converter, each of them forming one of the branches of the converter. The number of modules to use depends on the type of circuit which will be implemented (two for DC/DC converters and three for DC/AC converters).

Each module includes two power transistors as well as base DRIVER circuits required for control purposes.

It includes a JACK-type connector where the control signals from the SEG-200 module are received. These signals are optocoupled allowing a complete separation of the circuits from the power circuits.

Inside the module, a logic processor has been integrated which is responsible for detecting any error in the RAM operation. If an error occurs,
the processor blocks automatically and remains inoperative. The factors why the protection system lock the operation of the module are:

  • Instantaneous intensity by transistors greater than 25
    A with a longer duration than 4 msec.
  • BUS voltage below 120 V.
  • Network supply failure.
  • Internal defects of circuit.

Elements REQUIRED:

  • Table-mounted frame
  • ALI-700 supply module
  • ALI-200 supply module
  • TRF-200 transformer module

Control modules

Training module SNG-200

Ref.: MDULSNG200


This module generates three types of control set points: step, ramp and a set point that can be varied manually through potentiometric control.

Training modules MDX-200

Ref.: MDULMDX200z


This module generates the control signals to be applied to the six transistors that make up the inverter bridge. It has a phase generator, a phase inverter in accordance with the set point sign and a modulating circuit.

Training modules VCO-200

Ref.: MDULVCO200


It converts the set point voltage applied at the input into a frequency using a voltage-controlled oscillator. It forms the control part of the  transistorised inverter together with the TON-200 and MDX-200 modules, for asynchronous machine speed variation.

Training module PWM-200

Ref.: MDULPWM200


It generates pulse width-modulated signals, providing the control commands to the power converters. It includes an oscillator block, which  generates a triangular voltage and three 120° out -of-phase sinusoidal voltages, a “three-phase control” unit, for control of three-phase inverters, and a “single-phase control” unit for the single-phase inverters.

Training module TON-200

Ref.: MDULTON200


The TON-200 module is in charge of the pulse width modulation coming from the voltagefrequency converter (VCO-200) for the control of the
transistorised ondulator. It includes a pulse width adjustment circuit (Ton) and an overdrive circuit.

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