Electrical machines and braking systems

Electrical machines and braking systems


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All the electrical machines are mounted on an aluminium bedplate, with their corresponding end connections for quick, easy coupling to other machines, brakes or tacho dynamos. They also include a printed terminal block with safety terminals and protection guards on the shafts.

DC training motor AL-506 / AL-1006

Model AL-506 is an independent excitation motor. Model AL-1006 is an compound excitation machine.

Reference 9MAK0506ZC 9MAK1006ZC
Power 370W 370W
Nominal voltage 220 V 220 V
Nominal speed 2500 rpm 2500 rpm
Shaft height 80 80

Three-phase asynchronous training motor AL-1106

Single-speed three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage motor (50Hz/60Hz).

Reference 9MAK1106GC
Power 400W
Nominal voltage 230/400 V
Nominal speed 1420 rpm
Axis height 80
Reference 9MAK1106HC
Power 400W
Nominal voltage 230/400 V
Nominal speed 1690 rpm
Axis height 80

Asynchronous didactic motor BRUSHLESS AC

AC Servomotor, associated to the corresponding regulator, it behaves as a high prestation’s DC motor (high nominal speed, low inertia, small,…), without needing of brushes . It is composed by an inducted winding placed in the stator, permanent magnets in the rotor and solidary encoder.

Reference MTRALBRU80
F.c.e.m. 150 V
Nominal intensity 4 A
Nominal torque 2,5 Nm
Maximum speed 4000 r.p.m.
Encoder 2000 impulsos/vuelta
Shaft height 80

Didactic Tachogenerator REO-444

ReferencE 9EQDINTQ80
Constant 60 V/1000 r.p.m.
Maximum speed 1000 r.p.m.
Axis height 80

Braking system – bank

This machine can be easily coupled to the bedplate, in accordance with safety standards preventing bedplate malfunctioning.

The bedplate is controlled by potentiometric dials for torque and speed, or by means of external signals enabling it to be controlled by DAS and computer.

Constant display of power, speed and torque exerted on the bedplate axis, signals available at an external connector.

Technical characteristics


  • Supply:
    • Single phase mains 190 to 250Vac
    • 5,25 Amp
    • 50/60Hz
  • Type of machines tested:
    •  Free-standing, heights 71, 80 y 90 mm.
    • Hiehgts 80 y 90 mm on Alecop sections.
  • Machine fixed for testing by elastic coupling

Functioning as a drag motor

  • Speed: 0 a 2000 rpm
  • Nominal power: 800 w
  • Maximum torque: 9,7 Nm

Funcionamiento como freno.

  • Maximum speed: 2450 rpm
  • Torque: 0 a 10 Nm
  • Nominal power: 800 w
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