Electronic speed regulation of DC SCR motors

Electronic speed regulation of DC SCR motors


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Equipment designed for studying the functioning, adjustment and repair of the speed regulation systems of DC motors, based on double thyristor  bridge technology, and the different associated control options.

The following basic content may be worked on:Block diagram representation of control systems.

  • Current and speed regulation, types of feedback and correctors.
  • Four-quadrant operation.
  • Constant torque and power operation.
  • Adjustment and tuning techniques.
  • Failure diagnosis and repair.

Didactic DC engine regulation unit RMCC-900

A multi-panel system which enables different types of controls to be set up. It has six panels, each with unit diagrams printed on it, which are  automatically recognised by the equipment when they are fixed in place. This allows for the following setups:Torque regulator in a single quadrant.
  • One-way speed regulator, with feedback via tachodynamo.
  • Speed regulator with feedback via f.c.e.m.
  • One-way speed regulator, with operation at a constant torque and power.
  • Four quadrant torque regulation.
  • Speed regulator in both spin directions, with regenerative braking. The board controls allow selection of the working mode of the controller and adjusting the system parameters:
  • Slogans external, internal, manual, ramps, …
  • Parameters of the different weightings.
  • Limitations of current and speed.
  • Etc.

The panel incorporates two LCD displays which enables the speed and current to be displayed, as well as indicator lights for the functioning quadrant of the motor.

The unit is equipped with a set of protection devices and alarms to facilitate analysis of any occurrence, guaranteeing total safety:

  • Phase loss
  • Incorrect phase sequence.
  • Control supply failure.
  • Excitation current loss.
  • Maximum current limitation.
  • Open armature circuit.
  • I2 x t protection.
Reference 9EQRMCC900
Supply Three-phase 230 V- 50/60 Hz
Armature output 0 to 230 V- 3 A
Excitation output 0 to 230 V- 0,6 A
Power 0,6 KW
Regulation range at constant torque 0 to 1500 r.p.m.
Regulation range at constant power 0 to 3000 r.p.m.

Accessories supplied:

  • User’s manual and practical activities.

NECESSARY elements which are not supplied:

  • AL-506 or 1006 motor (page 14).
  • Braking system (page 15).

Optional elements:

  • Failure programming console (page 13).
  • Theory Manual.
  • Data collection and display system.
  • 380-220 Triphasic autotransformer.

Didactic transformer 380-220 triphasic


An autotransformer for various applications in which it is necessary to have a 220 V triphasic voltage, with the following characteristics:

  • Supply: triphasic 380 V – 50 Hz.
  • Output: triphasic 220 V – 50 Hz.
  • Power: 1 KVA.
  • Output available as safety terminals and power points.
  • Pilot lights indicating presence of phases.
  • Fused protection in each phase.

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