The module support

The module support


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The module is a physical support with the following dimensions: 250 x 72 mm for the single module, 250 x 144 mm for the dual module and 250 x 216 mm for the triple module. These sizes make it easy to handle and suitable for work on panels or vertical frames. The figure shows a model of the module and indicates its main structural features.

The support consists of two elements: the front panel and the box. The front panel is made of recyclable shockproof polystyrene plastic, whose main features are its excellent surface finish, high dielectric strength and rigidity. The box is made of transparent polycarbonate, a rigid material with a high thermal and electric resistance and weatherproof. Both the polystyrene and the polycarbonate are free of cadmium, a substance classified as carcinogenic.

The printed information is a vital communication support and an element of great didactic value, associating each industrial component or circuit with the corresponding symbol in accordance with the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard.

Name: all the modules have a name printed on the front panel to facilitate identification and storage.

Electrical connection points: fixed to a socket type terminal for connection via a banana plug. The socket diameter depends on the type of electrical connection at each point: 4 mm for power connections using safety sockets, and 2 mm for control connections

The rear connectors facilitate mounting the module on the vertical panels, and supply the voltage required for the internal circuits to function. For this purpose, the vertical frames and in general all the Alecop cabinets designed to house the modules are equipped with small interwired connectors.

The handles on the top and bottom of the devices enable the module to be fitted to and removed from the different frames, panels and cabinets designed for this purpose.

These characteristics make the module an ideal working element for students, as the basis of their practical training, and
also for the trainer as a demonstration device for presenting the theory and practical methodology.

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Download Catalogue

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Download .PDF Catalogue