Regulation and control systems

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Regulation and control systems

Sensors, process regulation and programmable automatons.

The training equipment designed for this area consists of a modular programme enabling study through the analysis and design of different measurement and regulation systems. Functional models with integrated industrial sensors are used to study both these sensors and closed loop regulation systems for different processes (speed, temperature and level).


Process models with ready-to-work integrated actuators and sensors. 2 mm sockets for quick connection and multipoint measurement.


Compliant with the European low voltage and electromagnetic compatibility directives. Elements printed in accordance with the IEC (Electrotechnical Commission) standard.

Back-up resources

This equipment includes a set of back-up elements to aid the trainer, e.g.:

  • Practical Manuals
  • Theory Manuals
  • Data collection and display software
  • Technical instruments, etc.

Modular programme

The system is based on a “module” support, which can be configured according to user needs. The 540 series enables all the content to be studied, with high function integration on each module.

Assembly and power supply system

The basis of the modular programme consists of the assembly frame and the ±15 V power supply module (ALI-700 module), which is required for all training module configuration requiring an electronic power supply.


Ref.:  9EBxPxxCP*

  • This is a physical support for the modules, blocks and panels used for the practical activities.
  • It transmits the electrical supply from the power supply modules to all the modules requiring it.

The frame dimensions are selected in accordance with the equipment to be mounted on the frame. Its horizontal structure consists of an aluminium section and the rectangular side supports are oven-dried painted iron sections.

Regarding the location of the frame on the work tables, it may be fixed (the frame can be fixed to the tables) or mobile (in which case it is supplied with removable legs with non-slip feet). The module power supply and fixing systems consist of a series of connectors, into which the connection points located on the rear of the modules are inserted, exerting a slight pressure..

*x: 1,2: frame height in tiers.

*xx: 10, 14, 18, 20, 22, 28, 36, 44: nº of insertable single modules.


Ref.: MDULALI700


It transmits the power supply via the table-mounted frame. These voltages are also available at 2 mm terminals.

It provides a nominal current of 2 A, and includes thermal and short circuit protection with automatic reset after a few seconds.


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