Study of level processes and flow, 540 series

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Study of level processes and flow, 540 series


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Ref.: 9EQCAMD544

Included standard elements:

  • Table-mounted frame.
  • ALI-700 power supply module.
  • Series 540 model and specific modules.

Standard accessories:

  • Mains connection cable and 2 mm connectors.
  • Manual and Practical Manual.

The units and models are as it follows:

Level and flow of a deposit unit


The model has a water-tight tank with two compartments, one to control the level and the other for drainage; there is a motorised pump which transfers the liquid from one place to another, and a set of sensors:

  • For levels, using a float with linear potentiometer.
  • For levels, by variable capacity.
  • For levels, by ultrasound.
  • For flow, by differences in hydrostatic pressure.
  • For flow, by turbine.
  • For hydrostatic pressure.

Printed connection terminals between the pump motor and the different sensors are included with the conditioning and control modules.

Setting and driver for pump motor modules


  • Set point generator (adjustable ramp and step).
  • Power amplifier for the motor pump.
  • Overcurrent protection circuit calibrated to 1 A with automatic disconnection.

Float and hydrostatic pressure conditioner


  • Hydrostatic pressure sensor conditioner
  • Float type sensor conditioner.
  •  Offset and gain adjustment.

PID corrector


  • Adjustment of corrector parameter values via potentiometric controls.
  • Selection of P, I, D correctors or any combination of the same.
  • Reset switch.

Flow conditioner


  • Pressure-difference flow sensor conditioner with offset and gain adjustment
  • Turbine flow sensor conditioner with frequency/ voltage converter and gain adjustment.

Ultrasonic and capacitive level conditioner


  • Ultrasonic level sensor conditioner with oscillator and offset and gain adjustment
  • Capacitive level sensor conditioner with oscillator and offset and gain adjustment
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