Study of physical magnitude sensors, 540 series

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Study of physical magnitude sensors, 540 series


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Ref.: 9EQCAMF540

The 540 series offers the following products to make easier the study of the physical magnitude sensors:

Physical measures unit


The MF-540 unit is designed to make a real, practical study of physical magnitude sensors, such as movement, linear speed and acceleration and buckling forces on a plate.

The model is made up of a vibrating cantilever consisting of two plates firmly fixed at either end to a fixed mount on the model, and to a vertical rod. As collectors items containing:

  • An LVDT (linear variation differential transformer) as the sensor for movement.
  • An inductive speed sensor.
  • A piezoelectric acceleration sensor.
  • Four strain gauges, 2 working by traction and 2 by compression, to collect the buckling forces.

The drive device for the vibrating cantilever is a coil, which when excited by an oscillating signal, will make the cantilever vibrate.

The connecting terminals from the various sensors and the drive coil to the modular control cabinet is on the front panel.

Oscillator coil driver modules


It includes the following:

  • Oscillator with variable amplitude and frequency, from 0 – 10 V and 0.1 Hz – 100 Hz.
  • The signal is amplified by a current buffer providing up to 0.3 A.

Speed and acceleration conditioner


It includes the following:

  • Conditioners for the speed and acceleration sensor signals.
  • Preamplifier and internal bandpass filter to eliminate mains noise
  • Adjustable amplifier and offset.

LVDT conditioner and gauges


It includes the following:

  • Conditioners for displacement sensor signals (LVDT) and bending stresses (strain gauges).
  • Adjustment controls for zero displacement and for calibre and gain for the LVDT
  • Gauge conditioner with rotary selector switch for setting Wheatstone bridge current.
  • Controls for correction of offset and calibre and gain adjustment.
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