Study of speed and position control processes, 540 series

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Study of speed and position control processes, 540 series


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Ref.: 9EQCAMV541

Included standard elements:

  • Table-mounted frame.
  • ALI-700 power supply module.
  • Series 540 model and specific control modules.

Standard accessories:

  • Mains connection cable and 2 mm connectors.
  • User Manual and Practical Manual.

Recommended optional elements:

  • FPB training module: Low pass filter.

Speed and position in a DC engine unit


It consists of a model that incorporates a rotation axis powered by a DC motor, including the sensors, which are arranged in an accessible form to facilitate understanding by the student.

In associated with the motor axis, is available:

  • A tacho speed for capturing.
  • An absolute encoder and an incremental angular displacement uptake.
  • A speed reducer indicating the angle of its axis reduced.
  • A potentiometric angular position sensor.

The printed connection terminals are located on the front panel of the model, between the different sensors and the motor, with the conditioning and control models.

Encoder conditioner


  • Display panel containing 7-segment displays of the number of pulses and turns from the absolute or incremental encoders.
  • Pilot lights for right-left pulses and right-left or leftright turns, with their corresponding terminals.
  • Terminals with BCD output for the value of each digit on the display.
  • Selection of counter for incremental encoder and decoder for absolute encoder.
  • Reset is manual or synchronised with the incremental encoder signal.

Speed and position corrector


  • These are speed and position correctors which may be either proportional, integral or proportionalintegral, selectable via rotary switch.
  •  Corrector parameters adjustable via potentiometric controls.
  •  Includes conditioners for the tacho dynamo and the potentiometric sensor.
  • Includes analogue comparator and adder.

Setting and driver modules


  • This contains the signal generator for the speed setting (step or ramp) and the position setting.
  • Power driver acting on the DC motor, with overvoltage protection calibrated to 1 A

4-channel multiplexer


  • Enables up to four analogue and/or digital signals to be viewed on an oscilloscope.
  • The four input channels have offset adjustment control and actuator switch or reset to zero.
  • It is equipped with a selector switch for sync with respect to any of the inputs and another selector for alternate or chopped display.
  •  Outputs for connection to the oscilloscope channel and for connection to its external sync.
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