Wind power training system

Simulates an autonomous wind power system with real and educational components


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Simulates an autonomous wind power system with real and educational components.

  • Allows the analysis and study of the elements involved in the production, storage and transformation of wind power with wind simulation independent of the external climatic conditions.
  • Activities can be performed using conventional instrumentation or virtual instrumentation on connection to the PC.
  • Includes a data acquisition system and a LabView software application for measurement and control of the system from the PC.
  • The software application EOL-900 LAB and its automatic setup features, make simple working with the different activities supplied with the equipment.

Vertical wind generator EOL-900

  • Wind Mini-generator(12V/20W). Three phase output voltage.
  • The generator drag by a c.c. electric motor (24V-8A). Power transmission by pulleys and belt with 1:2 relation
  • Electronic regulator(10A) for the motor speed variation from 0 to 2000rpm
  • Manual speed control , through potentiometer, or automatically, through an external setpoint with a nominal value from 0 to 10Vcc.
  • Electrical and mechanical protection, with a transparent guard.
  • Outputs, protected by a three phase magnetothermal circuit breaker (2A).
    • 5 Pin plug (three phase output of the generator and nominal value of the motor) for connection to the EOL-900 panel.
    • Drag system power supply: 100 – 240Vac, 47 – 63Hz. Fuse protection (1A).
    • Consumption: 150VA at full Charge.
  • Dimensions: 450 x 450 x 550mm.
  • Weight: 20Kg.

EOL-900 wind power system training panel

Incorporates the real elements of an isolated wind power system. Includes the data acquisition system and the connection with the PC.

  • The serigraphy represents the circuit.
  • Sockets and bridges for manual connection of circuit elements and doing measurements with conventional instrumentation.
  • Wind regulator for battery overload protection, with the following incorporated functions:
    • LED indication of battery charge status (very low, low, medium, full)
    • LED indicator of the battery charge regime: (loading, regulating and loading, regulating).
    • Temperature compensation for an optimal load of the batteries.
    • Multistage loading for an optimal loading regime.
    • Stop switch for installation and maintenance.
  • Two LED (12V/5W) lamps with control switches
  • Car lighter plug to connect other types of charges to the system.
  • Data acquisition system incorporated inside the panel, with the following features:
    • USB interface for PC connection
    • Conditioning circuits for the measurement of wind generator three phase voltages, output frequency of the wind generator, voltage and current at three phase rectifier output, voltage and current per battery, voltage and current on 12Vcc charge, and the 0-10V output for the generator drag system external nominal value.
  • Relays (12V/8A) for disconnect/connect the electric generator and the lamps from the PC.

EFT-901 battery training module with charging circuit

  • For connection to the EFT-900 Photovoltaic Training System and the Wind Energy Training System EOL-900.
  • Characteristics: 12V / 12A / 20HR
  • The module has a battery charging system using mains voltage.
  • Includes protective fuse. The battery is powered whether or not the charging circuit is functioning.

EOL-900 LAB Virtual instrumentation and control software

Virtual instrumentation software application developed in LabView, enabling monitoring and control the wind power system from the PC.

The application includes the following functions:

  • Activities: The activities window helps the students to carry out the activities in the manual. When the student accesses
    a specific activity, the diagram of the activity is shown with its associated virtual instrumentation. Also, the training device is configured automatically via the internal relays.

    • EOL-900/1: Wind generator characteristics in vacuum.
    • EOL-900/2: Wind regulator
    • EOL-900/3: Battery charging.
    • EOL-900/4: Battery discharging.
    • EOL-900/5: Wind regulator currents distribution.
    • EOL-900/6: Wind regulator charge stages.
  • Measurements: For measuring variables in the different components or points on the circuit. The variables are presented in numerical and graphic format.
    • Wind generator measurements: wind speed in m/s, wind generator rotation speed in rpm, voltages and frequency at generator outupt, voltage, current and power at the rectifier output.
    • Battery measurements: Voltage, current and battery power.
    • Charge measurements of 12Vcc: Voltage, current and charge power.
    • Wind regulator measurements: Voltages, currents and powers in the regulator inputs and outputs.
    • All the windows have implemented a speed regulator for the drag motor.
  • Control: For controlling the training device’s internal relays via virtual buttons for opening and closing the different points on the circuit. For configuring the training panel from the PC, according to the particular test to be performed.
  • Tests: For performing testing and obtaining characteristic curves (e.g. I-V curve for the solar panel). They include configuration functions for the signals to be received and testing times, results analysis functions, exporting data, printing and saving images, creating X-Y graphs, etc.

Vertical wind generator EOL-900

EOL-900 wind power system
training panel

EFT-901 battery training module
with charging circuit

EOL-900 LAB Virtual instrumentation and control software

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