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At the beginning of the 60s, when ALECOP started its activities as a Co-operative, his first aim was to link the two separate worlds to that point: the study and the work.

Nowadays such aim is prevailing, despite the broadening and diversification of activities experimented. Today, our Work-Study Learning Program:

 It is an excellent opportunity for companies to meet new people that in the near future may become employees. As it were, to get “home- grown players” in a football club. For the students this opportunity is also worthy, since they can learn the dynamics and values ​​of the real work.
› It allows college students to perform functions and tasks that are defined and supervised by the company, working 4 hours a day.
 It allows university students to carry out their grading projects in real corporate settings, full-time working.
 It facilitates the recruitment process by improving understanding of the candidate´s potential and minimizing contract risks. Besides, the program reduces integration costs in the company (full integration in 2 years).

The work-study learning program represents an agile, flexible, convenient and efficient service on the search for new students which meet the required needs of each company, helping them to get an effective integration into the organization, their processes and culture, approaching in this way the traits of the autonomous and efficient worker demanded.



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