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In this section you can see some of the most remarkable projects developed by ALECOP for different customers.

These are success stories in which we have applied our knowledge and know-how acquired during half a century of experience developing training projects.

Center of Excellence in Training IFMIA

]ALECOP has fully developed in Kenitra (Morocco) the launching, equipment and management of its Center of Excellence in Training for the IFMIA (Institut de Formation aux Métiers de l’Industrie Automobile) since 2011.

Specifically, we have designed the formative programs of support for the multinational companies in the automotive field established in Kenitra (Saint Gobain, Faurecia and Fujikura, among others).

These programs include a custom-made training for new employees and middle-management, with hands-on practical activities and development of training material in both French and Arab. In addition to that, aiming to reach those workers with low alphabetization and qualification profiles, some material has been developed so it is more visual. This makes easier the knowledge acquisition.

Videolearning for

ALECOP ha colaborado con LABORAL KUTXA en el diseño y desarrollo de un módulo formativo en fondos de inversión para su red comercial.

Se trata de un planteamiento básico de un módulo de formación online que contribuye al despliegue formativo rápido y eficaz de los conocimientos básicos en materia de fondos de inversión.

Desde ALECOP se ha planteado el desarrollo de un material formativo para ser alojado en la plataforma de formación de LABORAL KUTXA y paquetizado en SCORM 1.2. El diseño permite transmitir los conocimientos de manera visual en el menor tiempo posible.

Todo el material desarrollado ha seguido las directrices gráficas corporativas de LABORAL KUTXA y permite al alumno descargarse en todo momento los contenidos teóricos de la formación en formato .pdf para su consulta.

CONSULTANCY: Automotive cluster of Nuevo León (México)

The CLAUT (Automotive Cluster of Nuevo León AC) wants support the transformation of the learning model in the automotive manufacturing field in the State of Nuevo León, by orienting it to the new detected demands. This way a sustainable competitiveness model can be built. The CLAUT has put its trust in ALECOP for the development of this Project. These have been the main objectives of it:

1. Initially define the reach of the viability of the Project of building a specialized technical training center.
2. A basic technical study about the main variables: the building-equipment integration and training solutions (courses, methodology, certifying …)
3. A basic study about the financial model that will ensure its sustainability and adequacy of the strategic objectives under two basic perspectives: for-profit o non-profit foundation, patronage …
4. A suitable governability model with enough support from the workers, so that it is considered a proper employability solution.
5. The business models and governance proposed should be used, in addition to identify the main scenarios, to create a specialized technical training center.

Quality schools project in Neiva (Colombia)

Quality Schools
The objective of the initiative has been to raise the indicators of quality and educative coverage through a broad intervention that qualifies the ability installed in the institution, and also allows implementing an innovative learning system. This system should also be pertinent and whole, while being based in the developing of transversal and specific competences, emphasizing the technology, informatics, telecommunications and science.

The intervention started in January in 2013, benefiting about 75 educators and 1,500 students of the educational institution.

As a result of the noticeable improvement in the quality thanks to this initiative, the incidence of the technical and technological training of the middle school students becomes evident, especially in areas such as telecommunications, in the development of technological knowledge from the fields of technology and informatics of the elementary students, and also in the representative enforcement of the learning of sciences since the preschool

Equipment for the Mondragón Muhayil College Of Excelence Equipment (Saudi Arabia)

Mondragon Muyahil
]ALECOP has been the manager for the supplying chain for all the equipment needed for the Mondragon Muhayil College of Excellence, in Saudi Arabia, in record time, less than 3 months.

This center, operated by the MEI (Mondragón Educación Internacional) offers services and training that require specific equipment (office furniture, classrooms, classroom equipment, laboratories, workshops, catering equipment, library furniture and equipment, etc.).

The known international experience of ALECOP in the project deployment of these dimensions has been proven once again given the success in accomplishing the deadlines imposed to start the course on the planned dates.

Through a complete coordination with the client, it has been possible to analyze the needs, define the equipment by spaces, designing its distribution on the different floors, management of the goods acquisition process, organizing all the logistics of the delivery, their installation, inventory management as well as the guaranty and maintenance services of the different products.

ALECOP leads a pioneer

project in 3D printing

The disruptive technologies such as 3D printing have gone lately though a democratization process thanks to the reduction of tangible costs. Still there is a long way before a normalization process is given through education and training in order to make it accessible to the main industry, creating this way bridges between the industrial framework and the professionals of this emerging field.

In the framework of the Fabulous European program, ALECOP has passed the Call 1 to develop the project Peer to Print (P2Print). P2Print is a platform that enables the participation in the 3DP world, a virtual meeting point that is about product design innovation, where different people involved in the 3D printing field can meet, share and collaborate with others. P2Print will create a social network based on the collaboration culture and learning among equals that will evolve and adapt to the needs of the users of the open code fiware technologies.

This ecosystem of 3DP will also offer a mechanism to facilitate the D+R for the manufacturing SMEs and will increase the possibilities of being hired or being an entrepreneur for the young people, by offering capacitating though training itineraries based on real competences the industry actually requires.

50 years applying

the On- and Off-the-job

training model

ALECOP has been applying its On- and Off-the-job which has co-evolved significantly since the mid sixties until today in the following points: the training model of the societal students that are part-timing, the ways of understanding the internal organization and selection of people inside the companies, the objectives of the PF training centers and Mondragon University (MU), as well as society when it comes to internalize the virtues of this training experience.

50 years of trajectory acquiring our knowledge in On- and Off-the-job training, developing tools for the evolving of the competences of our students in a real environment, guiding them through the employment integration, collaborating with the education centers and communicating with society to enforce the values of cooperation and training. We have collaborated with 150 companies of our cooperative and business environment in order to obtain their objectives, as well as their bonds with the training centers and their social responsibility.

13,000 people, PF and college students, have, with their own effort, completed a practical training in a work environment complementing their academic education. These have acquired an experience based in professional competences and have had the opportunity to self-finance their study fees. Moreover they have participate in the experience of being partners inside MONDRAGON cooperative, and are nowadays an active part of our companies and the society in general.

Our success is the success of these 13,000 people and the companies that have participated and are participating in this experience, this is the success of our business model, the success of a part-time model, which, without a doubt, in the success of the social model we function in.

Augmented reality for the development of a Preventive Maintenance System

ALECOP is leader in the SiMTRA Project that was posed as a starting point for the analysis and use of the Augmented Reality (RA) as a help for the training and development of the maintenance operations in complex installations.

The maintenance tasks of the industrial equipment imply some high level training in those technical functions, as well as an analysis of all the documentation provided by the machine’s manufacturer (usually a paper format manuals containing thousands of indications). This documentation has been written by a staff specialized in the prevention maintenance planning, and the consequent preparation for the maintenance technician.

The system proposed in this project will be used as an ubiquitous e-formation system (anywhere) and pervasive (omnipresent), in the maintenance technicians’ formation. This way they will be provided with help in the placement and precise orientation of the operations, by projecting over the machine itself, in the right position, a three-dimensional recreation of its structure and internal parts. The main purpose of this is that the technician knows when doing the operations where the parts he/she should control are at, as well as the procedure and movements needed.

Introducing the RA in the analysis of tasks in big facilities represents a first step towards a future in which the technology will be part of all the technical operations process carried put by a the technical staff with or without experience.