ALECOP Colombia


Regarding international reference, we are proud to introduce ALECOP S. COOP. COLOMBIA BRANCH, which since 1997 has been our home in Colombia and direct link to Latin America.

The branch is run by a professional team of educators and Colombian engineers characterized by their commitment and dedication to the design and development of innovative training solutions.

ALECOP is a leader in quality teaching projects in Colombia and seeks to fulfill the needs of educational institutions, public and private companies in all phases of the value chain of training; from the identification of needs to the impact assessment, besides designing , imparting, evaluation and certification, design and implementation of learning environments, specialized laboratories, training and information content, and development of projects in general,  to improve the quality of education in scientific and technological fields.

ALECOP has led the modernization of vocational training in Colombia through cooperation agreements with the Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje – SENA, boosting job skills training and development of new professional profiles forefront in electricity, telecommunications, renewable energy and, parallel to this, in the generation of strategies and educational content based upon training in transferable skills and active learning methodologies as training by projects.

Currently, ALECOP Colombia is present with educational experiences and social mobilization in more than 80% of the Colombian territory. Under the project to transform the technical and technological training of the Ministry of Education, ALECOP has participated in shaping new professional qualifications by propaedeutic cycles, providing educational, social and administrative strategies for articulation of secondary with technical education and technological level.

Today, ALECOP advises different mayors and governors in shaping the plan of articulating secondary education to higher education and collaborates with Ministries of Education of 34 local authorities in the country and nearly 900 public and private educational institutions, such as Fundación Corona , CELSIA, Plan International, Fe y Alegría, la Compañía de Jesús, Ecopetrol, Asocoph, CIDET, Corporaciones Ambientales, among others;  where ALECOP has focused its quality educational project in Colombia in the so called “Training System for Work, innovation and Competitiveness: A bet from Science and Technology”, seeking to create a technological culture and displaying basic strategies for incorporating social and labor competencies to the curriculum of impacted institutions, consolidating  as well the development of information technology area and science  in primary, secondary and higher education.

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